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Thank you for helping ROUSE-NY protect our beautiful North Country.

The letter you are signing to our representatives

Dear Elected Representative, 

I am writing to express my concerns about the onslaught of solar energy in our district.  Currently, there are at least three industrial-scale solar projects (Tracy Road, Gunn’s Corners, Thousand Islands) proposed in the Towns of Brownville, Clayton and Orleans in Jefferson County, totaling over 6000 acres. That is an extraordinary amount of land, but it may be just the beginning.  

These projects require massive upgrades to our electricity distribution network in the 1000 Islands, further incentivizing solar industrialization of this special place, creating more visual and environmental pollution.  

Very little, if any, of the electricity these projects generate will remain here in the North Country. The region is being targeted to provide more than its fair share of New York’s renewable energy goals, and I hope your office will do everything possible to protect our district from additional solar development, which is not sustainable, is not environmentally compatible and is largely rejected by your voters.  

Please help us to better manage this landscape transformation and reduce the number and impacts of these projects on our beautiful area. The North Country is unique and needs your help in safeguarding its future.  

Thank you,