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More painful truths

November 19, 2023

Toxins from battery fires

August 2, 2023

It is rather frustrating that state and local officials continue to maintain that there were no toxins released into the air or groundwater from the Chaumont Solar fire. It is totally absurd on its face. Number one, they issued a “shelter in place” warning and told people to close windows and vents. They also canceled the Lyme community days. There are absolutely toxins in smoke from a lithium ion battery fire!

Battery Fires

July 28, 2023

Developers and government officials want to tell us that battery fires at solar developments are rare and controllable. But the truth is that they are dangerous and most local fire departments are woefully unprepared to fight them. This is part of the problem with Albanys plan to use the CLCPA legislation ro remove any local input from the conversation regarding the siting of these monstrosities.

Nuclear is still the safest form of electricity production.

June 19, 2023

Solar Deceptions

June 13, 2023

Solar Deceptions

I recently did an interview on TV7 News regarding my opposition to the proposed massive industrial solar projects being proposed in Jefferson County. I first want to thank TV7 for reaching out and including my comments for this news story. Unfortunately, many of my comments as well as some very important information was excluded from the aired piece. Currently in just the Towns of Brownville, Clayton and Orleans we have 3 large projects being proposed, the Gunns Corners project, the Tracey Road and the Thousand Islands projects. Combined these three projects will take up over 6000 acres. These projects as well as the necessary upgrades to the electrical distribution system will absolutely be the biggest change to our beautiful landscape since the area was settled. They will eliminate large swaths of agricultural land and bird and wildlife habitat that will very likely never be restored. My understanding is that the decommissioning and remediation requirements for these projects are simply ground level, allowing the developer to leave behind structural cement, support posts and miles of underground wires. We are allowing our land to be raped and destroyed for pie in the sky political ideology. This is New York State not Arizona, we simply aren’t suited to generate large amounts of electricity from the sun.

I believe that we need to do better in our use and generation of electricity. Having said that, human existence and life itself, in many ways, depends on having a reliable supply of electricity. The very idea that we can simply turn off the fossil fuel powered electric plants in New York State and replace them with windmills and solar panels is ludicrous on its face. Am I the only one that can do the math here? It just does not add up. Currently (and these are round numbers) approximately 44% of our electricity generation comes from natural gas fueled plants, 26% from Nuclear and less than 6% from wind and solar. So, again what is the plan here? The Governors plan demands that we produce 70% of our power from “renewable sources” by 2030. Renewable is essentially wind, solar and hydro. Wind and solar generation is up about 3% year over year while hydro is down about 18%, how is this going to work?

As is usually the case, no one is talking about the pesky details, but we MUST do that NOW. Do you want your loved one in a hospital that depends on solar panels to power their life saving machines? Do you want to see rolling black outs in your neighborhood like they have in California? The difference is that if the power goes out in California people sweat, if the power goes out here people freeze to death. I urge everyone to study this situation and start paying attention before it’s too late.

Falling Property Values

June 8, 2023

Understanding the impact of industrial solar on property values is only a portion of what we as constituents and land owners need to consider.

Proposed solar project rouses some opposition

May 10, 2023

Taking up at least 1,100 acres between LaFargeville and Stone Mills, the proposed Gunns Corners solar project by Toronto-based Northland Power could generate up to 140 megawatts.

Jones says R.O.U.S.E’s main concern is the environment. Many of those 1,100 acres are composed of farmland and some wildlife would end up displaced.

“These solar projects will be the biggest change in our environment and our landscape since this land was settled,” said Jones.

Click here to read the full interview at WWNYTV.
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